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Advanced D/L Manager v2.01
This is the 'advanced downloadDB panel' infusion as it appears here on my site. Originally by Nick56, updated by Dallas and further modified and enhanced by Grimloch(me) of WhisperWillow Mod Support Site.

NOTICE: Please see the forum post by the same name for important information regarding this download!

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Avatar Studio v2.03
Now An Official Release on PHP-Fusions main site.

Finally !! My avatar studio is now compatible with ALL levels of PHP-Fusion version 7.02

What you get:


An Avatar Studio that allows members to select an avatar from images on the server. If one exists the old avatar image is deleted before the new one is saved. New avatar is displayed in Profile after the save routine completes; no refresh needed. The avatar folders are automatically sorted alphabetically. Supports images on the server in multiple directories (categories) in GIF JPG and PNG formats. Now compatible with div based 2 column themes.

Thoroughly Tested & Debugged in PHP-Fusion 7.02.06
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Staff Application v1.2
Now An Official Release on PHP-Fusions main site.

With this infusion normal members may apply to become a member of your Site Staff. When approved by the site administrator, the member is added to the User Group that designates the position for which they have applied. The handling of the job assignments and roles are determined and administered by the site administrator.

The Staff Application infusion version 1.1 was coded by Philip Daly(HobbyMan) of and is used on the PHP-Fusion main site as well as the PHP-Fusion Next site.

This version 1.2 was modified and enhanced by Terry Broullette(Grimloch) of from Philips version.

Certain requirements must be met before installing and using this infusion and are described under Installation & Usage.
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Classified Ads v5.0
A straight forward, minimized version of my Classifieds Infusion. Removed input fields for Region, Country, State, Province and Area. Changed City input field to Location w/examples. Retained Postal Code field. All PayPal button generation coding removed also. Ad purchase, swap, rental, trade etc. etc., is now accomplished by contacting the ad creator directly using his/her contact information.

Thoroughly Tested & Debugged in PHP-Fusion 7.02.03

Browser Compatibility: Internet Explorer - Google Chrome - Firefox - Safari - Opera

IMPORTANT ! PLEASE READ THE "Read_Me_NOW.html" FILE IN THE "cron_option_files" FOLDER !

A mini-featured classified ads system based on AusiMods classifieds infusion for PHP-Fusion ver6, totally re-coded and enhanced to function with PHP-Fusion ver7 CMS system. I have added "multiple ad image upload" capability for users. A very nice 'ColorBox' zoom feature for ad images has been added. All scripts as well as all admin functions have been totally modularized to facilitate ease of coding changes and future upgrades. Contact info for sellers, buyers, traders and renters. Pricing/Contact info for ads that is not visible to guests by default; controlled by Admin Settings. New 'ads_style.css' in include folder for customizing the look and feel of your ads. New very nice timed re-direct after saving ad. Nice 'balloon tips' added for Admin category management and Main settings. 'ShareThis' Ad coding added, not visible to guests by default; controlled by Admin Settings. New 'delete all categories' function(all ads must first be removed).

Now with two(2) methods of 'Auto-Email Notification' to users with ads pending expiration and 'Auto-Deletion' of expired ads and images. Please see: Read_Me_NOW.html in 'cron_option_files' folder for explanation and instructions.
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Personal Nickpages v3.1
Announcing the release of my all new Nickpages Version 3.1... Lots of new features!

Personal Nickpages v3.1 by: Grimloch April, 2012


With this infusion your users can create and edit their own personal pages, up to three.
Compatible with BBcodes. Includes theme, page header, ratings, hit counter and comments for each page.


- Upload all files from 'php-files' to your web root folder.
- Install the infusion at system-admin -> infusions.
- Install the panel at system-admin -> add new panel.
- Install the userfield at user-admin -> userfields.


Functions & Extras:

- All nickpages get their own link.
- Users can define their own link title for each page.
- Easy to edit with popular bbcodes.
- Users can select one of several header images for each of their nickpages.
- Users can select one of several themes for each of their nickpages.
- Navigation on the nickpages with functions for users and admin.
- Running real-time clock on the pageheader.
- User controlled Ratings for each page with ajax-star rater.
- User controlled Comments for each page with avatars.
- All 3 nickpages have a unique hit counter.
- The user can manage all (ratings, comments, counts ...).
- Panel with "new nickpages", "all nickpages" and "most visited".
- Index page with search function for all nickpages.
- Userfield for profile (create, edit, visit).
- Administration to control and manage nickpages.
- Xhtml 1.0 transitional and css validated.
- Locale for English only at this time.
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Like the new look of the website. I have always liked this particular theme.

I love this site and all of the unique, original infusions and mods offered here. Excellent work, please keep it up!

Hi Pat! Long time no see. I'm doing well and I hope you and your family are well also. :)

Hi Terry, I hope you are well mate, Cheers from Ireland, Pat :)

Site's looking great :)

Thanks Terry. Getting back into coding a little. Missed you all.

Hey Dallas! Man we thought you left the Fusion scene for good. I am really happy to welcome you back to the fold. :D

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