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New Random Picture and Quote Center Panel
Announcing the release of my latest effort. A center panel for displaying a 'Random Quote of The Day'. I finally sucessfully converted a very old PERL script to PHP. I'm learning, I'm learning !!
PHP programming and usage is a long long road and I wish I had started years ago instead of only several months ago. But; as they say, the 'proof is in the pudding' and here is my first bowl of pudding for your enjoyment. The only thing you have to change in the file 'random_quotes_panel.php' is to change 'YOURDOMAIN.COM' to your own. And of course you can change/edit the data1.txt file in the data directory to anything you desire. Just keep the same format. Thats it!! Enjoy!!
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Birthday Panel v2.02
Fixed a small bug in 'user avatar image' display in my 'Upcoming Birthday Panel' infusion/panel. Version raised to 2.01 and name of archieve changed to just Birthday Panel v2.01. Update #2: The small calendar image that is displayed at the very top of the side-panel now shows the 3 character 'current month'. A very nice cosmetic enhancement to my Birthday Panel. Changed bday display to NOT show user avatar except on the actual bday of the user. Please re-download and update your files.
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Profile Video + Tagwall Mod
Oleau's 'user profile mini-youTube video + tagwall' userfield/infusion, is a nice feature to display a youTube video in your user profile for others to enjoy, as well as a mini-message board to write on. Since I installed it, I have been dismayed by the way it displays in your profile; in a horizontal format 'video-tagwall', which stretches the user profile horizontally thereby destroying the beauty of the original screen layout. So I decided to modify it, after all it's a Beta version. The video and tagwall now display in a vertical format with the video first and the tagwall underneath. It looks much much better and restores the user profile display to it's original glory. Download it now from my Mods D/L DB. Enjoy!
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User Comments In News
The vast majority of my users are English speaking/writing. This is after all an English based website in the United States. Several comments were posted in news items that were not in English and have been deleted. Please limit comments to English so that all may benefit from your comments. Thanks.


UPDATE: June 29, 2009 Well it seems that my request/warning has been totally ignored by the users responsible for posting comments in my news. Comments that are totally unreadable by the vast majority of my users who are primarily English speaking/reading. Therefore all commenting in my news section has been disabled. If anyone has a problem with this please send me a PM. Thanks.
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Online Stats Panel
My 'online stats' panel as seen on the left, is 'pirdanis' pd Stats panel which I have modified to fit my needs on this site. There has been a request from one of my users to d/l it. It is now packaged up 'as you see it on my site', and is available for download in my Mods D/L DB section. You must be a registered member to access my downloads. It's free, quick and easy so register today if you haven't done so already !

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Admin User Status Infusion v1.00
After a rocky start my new Admin User Status infusion is complete and ready for download. It allows the site administrator to view the user login status with options to PM, Email or Delete users according to admins personal guidelines/preferences. Shows last login times as [H:M:S] - days - weeks. This was a user requested feature that was fairly easy to implement after a few rounds of debate with the 'time' calculation functions. Get yours today from my Mods D/L DB.
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New Avatar URL Upload Mod ver1.00
I am pleased to announce the release of my new mod for the PHP-Fusion ver7.00.xx systems. Download and install this mod to give your users the capability to upload an avatar from a remote host. Be aware though, that some hosts do not allow file access from a remote server. Some of the credit goes to SoBeNoFear of the phpInvent team and fusionBoard ver4. Ideas and some coding methods used from fB4. Thanks guys ! fB4 is a great system and you guys are a real asset to the php community.
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Since 02/19/2009
On August 02, 2018 00:34
OK... new shoutbox stuff huh? Kool !!

Since 08/14/2008
On August 01, 2018 11:44
Hey hey I think I have it Fred !!!

Since 08/14/2008
On August 01, 2018 11:29
Sure will Fred !!

Since 01/23/2009
On August 01, 2018 11:15
OK, I see what you are talking about and yes...the online/offline icons are not needed. Can you send me the "finished" product when you are done?

Since 01/23/2009
On August 01, 2018 10:51
Let me know what oddities you are talking about. If there are any code issues, I am sure you fill find and fix them.

Since 08/14/2008
On August 01, 2018 10:13
Yeah thanks Fred! Still tinkering with it to clear up some oddities that it has though. !crazy!

Since 01/23/2009
On August 01, 2018 10:01
I see you have installed the new shoutbox. Glad you got it working the way you wanted it to.

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