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Modified User Info Panel
I have made available for download, my 'user_info_panel' as used on this site. It is the original core 'user_info_panel' by Digitanium, modified by Svenings and further modified by yours truly. Has a lot of nice admin features.
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New Blue-Ice Theme
I am 99.9% finished with my brand new theme 'Blue-Ice' and will have it available for download in the near future. A very eye appealing combination of light and dark blues based on 'Fusion 3' theme. Check back often for availability.


New 'Blue-Ice' theme is now available in my Mods DB for immediate download!
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Rock Music Theme
New theme added to 'Mods DB' called Rock Music. A version6 theme that I with assistance from mtholderness on the background image, converted to version7 format. It's a dark theme primarily reds and oranges. Switch to it using my theme switcher on the left to see what it looks like. Enjoy!!
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PF-v6 Theme 'Fusion 3' Conversion
Back in May I attempted to convert the PHP-Fusion ver6 Theme 'Fusion 3 v2", to a PHP-Fusion ver7 Theme. I abondoned the project as I could not make it work. Oct 2, I resurrected the project and today Oct 4, 2009 I have completed the conversion. There may be a few minor differences in order for it to work on PF-7 but I think it came out very nice! It is now available for download in my Mods D/L DB under version7 themes. Enjoy.
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Yes! We Made It Gracie!
Today September 30, 2009, my Newsletters Infusion ver4.01 was released on PHP-Fusion Mods as an *Official Infusion* for PHP-Fusion ver7.00.xx ... I now have 3 official infusions. Thanks to everyone who helped me with suggestions and testing of my latest endeavor. I'm also testing stuff on my test-base install of the latest SVN version of PHP-Fusion 7.01.00 ... lots of new features await us in the new version. You're gonna love it !
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Newsletters ver4.01 Official Release
Well the day has arrived. This is the official release of the latest version of my Newsletters Infusion, version 4.01...

This is what you get:

* UPDATE * Infusion updated to FINAL release for this ver series. Script now automatically detects your host PHP version and loads the appropriate files for total functionality in either version of PHP.

A very nice newsletter/messaging infusion for PHP-Fusion ver7. Based on Digitanium's original newsletter script v1.6 for PF-v6 and script upgrades by 'Yxos' and 'Muscapaul' to PF-v7 scripts, ver2.00, 2.01 and 2.02.

My version 4.01 brings you the added capability to upload files to the new 'attach' folder for sending attachments in your newsletters. Sendmail imposes a filesize limit on attachments of about 700kb. Uploaded files can also be deleted when no longer needed. Thanks to Wooya for the file upload code from his 'Advanced Upload System' based on Digitaniums original upload system.

Coding has been greatly enhanced so that ALL sending methods now deliver a personalized newsletter/message, with ONLY the recipients email address showing in the TO field. Version 4.01 also now automatically generates a text version of your newsletter for non-html email clients by use of an 'html2text' class file.

Smiley insertion has been added below the 'html buttons' code. Template/skin files have been totally re-vamped so that font color settings will not be rendered invisible by 'gmail', 'hotmail' and possibly other Web Mail services, thanks to feedback from Diemux; also moved the css coding into the db based templates. All template(skin) 'css' and 'body' tag is now within the template itself, giving TOTAL CONTROL of css settings and body background color or image. This opens up the possibility for using other templates that are very sophisticated and adaptable for producing very complex newsletters.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it !
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[Progress] Newsletters ver4.01
Great progress is being made on adding 'attachment sending' to my newsletters infusion. Coding completed for 'file uploads' to be attached to newsletters. Work is now underway for coding a proper 'PHP_Mail/Sendmail' interface to handle attachments. Keep checking back for further developements.


Attachments are now a done deal in my Newsletters Infusion. There are still some bugs to work out though. It currently works using version5 of 'class.phpmailer.php' and using PHPver5 on the server. I am still testing backwards compatability with the ver 2 class file and setting my host to PHP4. All results will be in probably in a couple of weeks and a new version of my Infusion will be released. I also still have to work out using 'chunk' for files over 2 megabytes in size which causes sendmail to cough. More updates as they develope.
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Since 02/19/2009
On August 02, 2018 00:34
OK... new shoutbox stuff huh? Kool !!

Since 08/14/2008
On August 01, 2018 11:44
Hey hey I think I have it Fred !!!

Since 08/14/2008
On August 01, 2018 11:29
Sure will Fred !!

Since 01/23/2009
On August 01, 2018 11:15
OK, I see what you are talking about and yes...the online/offline icons are not needed. Can you send me the "finished" product when you are done?

Since 01/23/2009
On August 01, 2018 10:51
Let me know what oddities you are talking about. If there are any code issues, I am sure you fill find and fix them.

Since 08/14/2008
On August 01, 2018 10:13
Yeah thanks Fred! Still tinkering with it to clear up some oddities that it has though. !crazy!

Since 01/23/2009
On August 01, 2018 10:01
I see you have installed the new shoutbox. Glad you got it working the way you wanted it to.

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