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October, 2018
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10-01 - cschilder
10-07 - greg
10-13 - Red
10-16 - Gargon
10-20 - aborovsak
10-22 - The Master
10-24 - ceg
10-29 - Dove

 10-01Day for The Elderly
 10-05World Smile Day
 10-08Columbus Day
 10-16Boss's Day
 10-20Sweetest Day
 10-24United Nations Day
 10-27Make A Difference Day
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bullet.gif PHP-Fusion ver7.02.07
bullet.gif MySQL/DB Functions
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Classified Ads v4.03 Immediate Release

Thoroughly Tested & Debugged in PHP-Fusion 7.02.03

Browser Compatibility: Internet Explorer - Google Chrome - Firefox - Safari - Opera

IMPORTANT ! PLEASE READ THE "Read_Me_NOW.html" FILE IN THE "cron_option_files" FOLDER !

A full featured classified ads system based on AusiMods classifieds infusion for PHP-Fusion ver6, totally re-coded and enhanced to function with PHP-Fusion ver7 CMS system. I have added "multiple ad image upload" capability for users. A very nice 'ColorBox' zoom feature for ad images has been added. All scripts as well as all admin functions have been totally modularized to facilitate ease of coding changes and future upgrades. New contact info for sellers, buyers and traders. Pricing/Contact info for sellers that is not visible to guests. New input for sellers to enter their (Buy Now) PayPal button code or create one with the 'PayPal Button Code Generator' page. New 'ads_style.css' in include folder for customizing the look and feel of your ads. New very nice timed re-direct after saving ad. Nice 'balloon tips' added for Admin category management and Main settings.

Completely New ! Categories are displayed on their own page. Ads and Categories are displayed on their own page also. New home page.

Now with two(2) methods of 'Auto-Email Notification' to users with ads pending expiration and 'Auto-Deletion' of expired ads and images. Please see: Read_Me_NOW.html in 'cron_option_files' folder for explanation and instructions.
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Multimedia Studio v2.01
It's finally done! All new Multimedia Studio version 2.01 for PHP-Fusion ver7.01.xx

Get yours today and replace your current installation. Many many new features !!
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Event Calendar v2.00
My modifications of Artur Wibie's aw_ecal_panel (Events Calendar) version 0.8.0, has been updated to my version2.00 ... User editing of 'include/core.php' file to specify your valid domain name for image location, is no longer required. The script now auto-detects the location as long as you correctly set your 'Admin/System/Main Settings' Site URL: correctly with the trailing slash added. As an example:

Enjoy !!
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Easy Profile Photos w/ColorBox
Photo-album in 'users profile' with ColorBox image zoom. Originally coded by Olelau, I have updated it to work with PHP-Fusion ver7 and added the ColorBox code for image zoom. Very easy to implement just read and understand the ReadMe file and ALWAYS backup and/or rename original files that are being replaced. This holds true for any mod or infusion.
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Modified User Info Panel
I have made available for download, my 'user_info_panel' as used on this site. It is the original core 'user_info_panel' by Digitanium, modified by Svenings and further modified by yours truly. Has a lot of nice admin features.
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New Blue-Ice Theme
I am 99.9% finished with my brand new theme 'Blue-Ice' and will have it available for download in the near future. A very eye appealing combination of light and dark blues based on 'Fusion 3' theme. Check back often for availability.


New 'Blue-Ice' theme is now available in my Mods DB for immediate download!
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Rock Music Theme
New theme added to 'Mods DB' called Rock Music. A version6 theme that I with assistance from mtholderness on the background image, converted to version7 format. It's a dark theme primarily reds and oranges. Switch to it using my theme switcher on the left to see what it looks like. Enjoy!!
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Since 02/19/2009
On August 02, 2018 00:34
OK... new shoutbox stuff huh? Kool !!

Since 08/14/2008
On August 01, 2018 11:44
Hey hey I think I have it Fred !!!

Since 08/14/2008
On August 01, 2018 11:29
Sure will Fred !!

Since 01/23/2009
On August 01, 2018 11:15
OK, I see what you are talking about and yes...the online/offline icons are not needed. Can you send me the "finished" product when you are done?

Since 01/23/2009
On August 01, 2018 10:51
Let me know what oddities you are talking about. If there are any code issues, I am sure you fill find and fix them.

Since 08/14/2008
On August 01, 2018 10:13
Yeah thanks Fred! Still tinkering with it to clear up some oddities that it has though. !crazy!

Since 01/23/2009
On August 01, 2018 10:01
I see you have installed the new shoutbox. Glad you got it working the way you wanted it to.

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