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Home Inventory for 9.03

Home Inventory for 9.03

Author Grimloch
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Category Infusions
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Publisher's Description

A complete home inventory system that is fully bootstrap-grid responsive.
With this infusion you and your site members may create your own personal and complete home inventory system. The entire system is based on the members user_id and is only visible and usable to each member. One persons inventory system is totally invisible to all other users.

The infusion comes with one item each in the four inventory sections to give you a starting point. Edit or delete the included sample inventory items. Edit or delete the included sample inventory categories as desired or needed. Then add your categories and items for each section of the complete home inventory.

The book inventory add record asks for the book ISBN number. Once the book is recorded you can click on the ISBN number to be taken to Amazon books where you can capture and save the book image. Then Edit the book record adding the image to it. A thumbnail is automatically generated from the uploaded image. Alternatively you can go to Amazon and search for the book ISBN number of the book you intend to add to your inventory. In this way you can capture all the images needed for the books you are going to add beforehand.

With my database driven Home Inventory Control System you can keep track of every item in your home. Create categories for each inventory area of your home which includes Books, Music, Videos and all other Home items.

I have isolated the search parameters needed for music CDs and video DVDs on Amazon. The links are generated automatically

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Home Inventory for 9.03
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PHP-Fusion CMS



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Terry Broullette

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aGPL v3


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