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Send E-Cards Infusion Questions/Suggestions
I do really like the new E-Cards infusions I installed on my site and can see it being a very popular feature. I do have some questions and suggestions for it though. I tested it by sending myself an e-card and it works as it is supposed to, which is awesome. I apologize for so many questions and whatnot. It's a very good Infusion and has the potential to be an EXCELLENT infusion.

The first thing I noticed is that when I received the email, the email came from Create eCards 3.0 rather than my email address. Some recipients may not open an email like this if they are unsure who it is really from. Is there is any way to alter that to show what email address actually sent the card?

Next, I can see deleting old e-cards becoming a hassle with everything else there is to do with maintaining a site. Is there any way to add something to automatically delete old cards after for instance 60 days or could a feature like this be added?

Also, is it possible to add new templates and images for the e-cards manually? If so, how is that done? Just upload them to their respective folders once they are created?

As for my suggestions:

1. Allow site members to send each other e-cards without exposing each others email addresses. It would be nice to simply type in a members username and your username or whatever and send a site member an e-card without the need for their email address or them seeing your email address. I have members that like to send others birthday greeting cards but they cannot do that without their email address and not everyone likes to expose that information. Perhaps those cards could even be delivered via PM rather than email.

2. Allow card senders to upload their own images for the ecards instead of using the pre-installed images and possibly allow the sender to alter the template colors through a color picker or some other method.

3. Allow Admins to select which User Groups have access to which e-card categories and etc. While I want to allow all of my members to send e-cards, I'd like to restrict access to sending e-cards in certain categories to select User Groups.

4. Allow admins to upload new card images and templates through the admin interface so new card images and templates can be easily added.

Hopefully you will consider implementing at least some of these features in the near future, especially allowing site members to send cards to each other without exposing or needing email addresses.
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You are talking about a major re-design here and a LOT of work; but I will consider some of these.
Webmaster wrote:
You are talking about a major re-design here and a LOT of work; but I will consider some of these.

Thank you very much.
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Like the new look of the website. I have always liked this particular theme.

I love this site and all of the unique, original infusions and mods offered here. Excellent work, please keep it up!

Hi Pat! Long time no see. I'm doing well and I hope you and your family are well also. :)

Hi Terry, I hope you are well mate, Cheers from Ireland, Pat :)

Site's looking great :)

Thanks Terry. Getting back into coding a little. Missed you all.

Hey Dallas! Man we thought you left the Fusion scene for good. I am really happy to welcome you back to the fold. :D

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